The Power of A Story

By Joe Madison Presenter & Trainer with Love People Not Pixels & Volunteer with Elijah Rising “Do you ever still look at porn?” Stunned, he stared at the words and...
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Reaching Russia’s Exploited

Vanessa Forbes, Intervention Coordinator, for Elijah Rising spent two weeks in Moscow for 24/7 prayer and intervention for women who have been trafficked. She spent two weeks with her team...
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How Porn Set Me Up For Abuse

Porn has arrived … Actually it arrived a while ago. This is the first generation that will have been raised on violent hardcore pornography. Many studies show that the vast...
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Home for Survivors Gift Card Drive

From now until June 10 we are doing a gift card drive in order to furnish a newly renovated home at Kendleton Farms. We are partnering with Southern Farmhouse Designs to...
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Moms Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Photo by Leanna Cox, Light Inspired Portraits Written By Vanessa Forbes Motherhood is amazing, exhausting, daunting, precious, tireless, often underappreciated and overburdened and one of the most important roles we...
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Historic Moment at The White House as FOSTA/SESTA Becomes Law

Today we were present in the Oval Office as the President of the United States signed FOSTA/SESTA legislation into law. Kathy McGibbon, Program Director for Elijah Rising commented on her...
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Backpage Is Seized And Shut Down

On Friday, April 6, 2018, FBI Phoenix confirmed they raided the home of Michael Lacey co-founder of the website Backpage. The site was seized and shut down by the Department...
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Urgent: I Need You To Call Your Representative And Stop Online Sex Trafficking

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will be voting on important legislation. H.R. 1865 also known as FOSTA-SESTA, and the amendment to the CDA230 which will enable websites such as Backpage...
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The Reality Behind Fantasy Plaza | Houston Strip Clubs and Sex Trafficking

The Sweet 16 Agreement It was the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, 2013, when the city of Houston signed a confidential settlement with 16 strip clubs in exchange for their...
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