The Rise is a dedicated community of recurring donors who give strategically to fund the work of ending sex trafficking.

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The Rise Community

The Rise is a dedicated community of recurring donors who give strategically to fund the work of ending sex trafficking. Join our community of more than 200 members who have decided to rise up. 

A Moment In Time

There are moments throughout history when people just like you noticed the suffering of their neighbors and decided to do something. We are in one of those moments. Sex trafficking thrives on being unnoticed and unchallenged across the globe. Today, you can rise up and take action because every person deserves safety and freedom. 

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The Rise Community is about Connection, Safety, and Legacy. Here’s what you can expect when you join.


Rise members are part of a community of donors who are committed to ending sex trafficking. Together, we can make a Kingdom impact by uniting and standing for justice.


Sex Trafficking happens where there is a lack of safety because trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability. Every dollar you donate will provide safety for communities and individuals while helping to stop the second-fastest growing crime in the U.S.


Sustained giving enables us to strategically plan for the future. Imagine a moment in the future when you take a look back at all the generations of people impacted through the work of prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration.

Let's do something extraordinary.

This community is made of people who are determined to see an end to sex trafficking. They are people just like you, using whatever they have to help the people and communities that we serve.

  • Elijah Rising is shining a much-needed light on the crisis of human trafficking in our city. We are proud to help fund this important work because the return on investment is literally freedom regained and hope restored.

    Laura & Charlton Wimberley
    Members Since 2018
  • We believe in the work that Elijah Rising is doing—helping to free those in bondage and aiding in their recovery and rehabilitation, all in Jesus’ name. Since we can’t actively be in the fight against human trafficking, we feel it is our duty to help support those that are. 

    Whittington Bridal
    Member Since 2016
  • I donate because I want women to have a helping hand to get out of prostitution. I love that this organization is focused on helping people in Houston.

    Britt Willows
    Member Since 2018
  • Whatever amount you donate, doing it monthly is not only financial support to the effort, but also a reminder to us donators to call on the name of the Lord who does have the power to increase this effort beyond what we can ever do on our own.  

    Angella Dickson
    Member Since 2019
  • We love being part of an organization that puts boots on the ground to save lives. Elijah Rising walks alongside women and shares the gospel. We get to see the love of Christ shine through the volunteers and staff of Elijah Rising and it is such a privilege.

    Parker and Kati Auld
    Member Since 2022

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We can’t do this work without you. Every dollar helps support women recovering from sex trafficking and addressing this issue in Houston.