Our Approach


Sex trafficking is a wide-spread injustice, but Elijah Rising is committed to offering solutions that make a lasting impact.

First, we do this by resourcing communities with the awareness and training needed to identify trafficking, while mobilizing individuals, to respond in practical ways that disrupt the commercial sex industry. We believe it takes everyone within society, working together, to rid our cities of this injustice. Therefore, we engage various communities such as churches, businesses, families, civic groups, artists, and more with the intention of developing relationships focused on raising an outcry for justice. 

Second, we recognize the need for direct outreach to those currently experiencing exploitation and the ever-increasing need for long-term recovery programs for those who overcome sex trafficking. Therefore, we are committed to being present with people in the places where they are being sold to provide resources, aid, and assistance if they choose to exit their situation. Additionally, we are providing long-term trauma-informed residential care to women who have overcome sexual exploitation. We listen to and amplify the voices of those who have overcome trafficking so that our intervention efforts and restorative care programs are informed by those who best understand the journey of restoration.

Our Process

Here are 4 strategic ways Elijah Rising fights sex trafficking.


Through prayer partners and public prayer gatherings, we are uniting the church to seek justice and rely on God to bring restoration and freedom to people.


Our Sex Trafficking Museum, Van Tours, and public presentations equip people with knowledge and volunteer opportunities to end sex trafficking in our communities.


We do more than 36 outreaches a year across the Greater Houston area. We provide women with resources to help navigate a way out of the sex industry.


We  serve women who have survived sexual exploitation through compassionate 24/7 care, providing a stable family environment, and healthy therapeutic practices.