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Elijah Rising
Where it all began

About Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising was founded in 2012 as a prayer gathering that focused on ending sex trafficking in Houston. Across Houston women and girls were being sold for sex, but there was little outcry, so Elijah Rising began hosting Van Tours and showing the public that sex trafficking is happening across our city.


Through prayer partners and public prayer gatherings, we are uniting the church to seek justice and rely on God to bring restoration and freedom to people.


Our Sex Trafficking Museum, Van Tours, and public presentations equip people with knowledge and volunteer opportunities to end sex trafficking in our communities.


We do more than 36 outreaches a year across the Greater Houston area. We provide women with resources to help navigate a way out of the sex industry.


We  serve women who have survived sexual exploitation through compassionate 24/7 care, providing a stable family environment, and healthy therapeutic practices

History About Us

In 2011, a small group of people were deeply struck by the wide-spread injustice of sex trafficking filling their city. They grieved the lack of out cry for those being exploited, oppressed, and sold for sex. This group firmly believed that prayer was the most important and most effective response.

So, a monthly meeting was organized and opened to the public. The prayer meeting grew rapidly as more and more people joined the movement. Soon, they realized that more had to be done to increase awareness of the issue.


Partner with us as we work to abolish sex trafficking.



Join other abolitionists in working to reverse the injustices of human trafficking.


Commit to praying and interceding for those affected by the issue of human trafficking.