Meet Ogden: Powerlifting to End Sex Trafficking

There are not many people who can deadlift 400kg—that’s roughly equivalent to almost 900 lbs! Meet Ogden Myklebust. Ogden is a husband, father, powerlifter, he works in the oil &...
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Elijah Rising Store—Now Open!

Thank you to everyone who helped launch the Elijah Rising Store, we are now open! The Grand Opening was a huge success, and we had a steady flow of people all...
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Elijah Rising Store Grand Opening

We’re Opening The Elijah Rising Store! We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of the Elijah Rising Store! We invite you to join us on Saturday, April 13th to celebrate...
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3 Reasons Familial Trafficking Often Goes Unnoticed

Police were swarming. I stood in my Grandfather’s driveway that evening, just frozen. Not speaking or moving. My trafficker stood behind me talking with another police officer… their voices sounded...
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Cyntoia Brown Granted Clemency

Cyntoia Brown was granted clemency, and her release is set for August 7th! Cyntoia was arrested at the age of 16, she is now 30, and is currently incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison...
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An Update on Our Executive Director, Micah Gamboa

On Sunday the 18th of November, Micah Gamboa the Executive Director of Elijah Rising collapsed right before she began to speak onstage at Celebration Church of the Woodlands. It was...
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To Adopt A Brothel

Written by Annika Bergen Originally published in the September 2018 issue of Citizen magazine. HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It’s an intimidating term. According to the Global Slavery Index of 2016, an estimated...
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Why a Sex Robot Brothel won’t solve the Human Trafficking problem in the City of Houston.

KinkySdollS is a business in Toronto where you can rent a sex robot by the hour, and they announced they are opening a robot brothel in Houston. The reaction to...
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Is Harvey Weinstein A Sex Trafficker?

A judge ruled that Harvey Weinstein can be sued for violating federal sex-trafficking law. A young actress claims he coerced her to engage in sex acts with him in exchange for a...
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