Testimony: A Girl in the Life Hears From Jesus

A couple of months ago, I was out on the track with our intervention team and we were sitting talking to a few of the girls that we have known for a while and build a relationship with.

When all of a sudden a girl who I had never seen before came over and sat at the table, I began to talk with her, just ask her questions about her life and we began talking about Jesus and she looked at me and she said, can I ask you a question about Jesus?

And I was super excited because that doesn’t always happen. And I said, yes, please. And she said, I want to talk about the Book of Revelation.

I was shocked. But I said, yes, let’s talk about it. And she told me, I think that Jesus has been talking to me and he said that I’m coming back soon in the way you’re living now, you’re not ready for my return.

And when she told me that I was absolutely shocked, that doesn’t happen ever. But God just showed up to her and began to minister to her without anyone praying for her or anything. God loved her so much that he showed up and told her that he was coming back and that she had to live in a way that was ready for his return.

So as we began to talk about it, she got so convicted with the message of the gospel that she said, I think that I am ready to leave this life and to really focus on Jesus and him coming back. And it was an absolutely profound moment.

It has marked me just being a part of that moment getting to hear what God was doing in her life. But it just showed me that God is really after those that we serve. Sometimes we think that there’s no way to reach them or this is impossible. It’s so hard.

But God is so after his Children that he will show up to them when no one else is around and say I’m coming back. Are you ready? And it was just this beautiful moment. And I’m happy to say I haven’t seen her out on the track since. So I really do believe that God met her in that moment.

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