How Can SANE Nurses Combat Human Trafficking? – Interview w/ Andrea Cressy – Ep. 56

Andrea Cressy is the Forensic Nursing Program Director at Houston Methodist. She is also a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse with both national and international certifications to conduct forensic exams. Andrea talked to us about the importance of training SANE nurses to identify women in trafficking situations, resources Methodist provides women they suspect are...
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What is trauma-informed care?

This episode is a follow up to episode four on “What causes trauma?” In this podcast, we continue our interview with Elijah Rising’s Program Director, Desirie Dougall. This episode discusses trauma’s effect on the brain and the importance of trauma-informed care. TRAUMA RESOURCES If something has happened in your life that has caused you extreme...
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The Story of How We Started Doing Restorative Care

In this new episode of the Elijah Rising Podcast, we share the miracle story of how we started doing restorative care. In the beginning, we didn’t think restorative care was something we could do, but due to a series of events, we began to realize this is an essential service to truly help women who...
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What Causes Trauma?

In this episode, Elijah Rising interviews Desirie Dougall, our restoration program director. We discuss the question, “What is trauma?” Besides giving the basic definitions of trauma we also talk about the difference between PTSD and complex PTSD. We’ll explain why understanding trauma is so important in the process of helping women who’ve survived trafficking heal.No...
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