Meet Taz, Spoken Word Poet Taking A Stand Against Sex Trafficking

Taz is a spoken word poet who found Elijah Rising by searching online. He uses his passion and creativity to bring awareness to the issue of trafficking through spoken word poetry. Watch Taz perform “Get In.”

Taz, why are you so passionate about raising awareness about trafficking?

I’m a former bodyguard, former correctional officer and long-time martial artist. God has given me the nature and attitude of a protector. I can’t imagine not being involved in one way or another. I feel physically sick when I think of someone taken from their family, trapped, being used and abused for the twisted pleasure of others. Just the thought of the many ways in which an image bearer of YHWH can be exploited by another, sickens me and drives me to the gym, the Church, Elijah Rising Store and to create poetry, all in an effort to combat this truly evil crime.

Who inspires you to be an advocate?

Wow… several people.

  •  Abraham Lincoln who fought for 18 years to pass the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Nelson Mandela who lost his wife and children 30 plus years in prison in his fight for the marginalized.
  • MLK Jr, who refused to let any man’s hate toward him pull him down.
  • My parents. Agnes and Ron Bright, who love God, accept everyone, work hard & didn’t give me a choice but to love my neighbors… all of them.

How did you first get involved with Elijah Rising?

A few years ago I was told about Elijah Rising by a friend, Kasey Willis. She mentioned van tours, your plans for the future, your mission & your faith in Christ. I have followed you all ever since. I’ve asked God to give me an opportunity to serve with Elijah Rising in any capacity He saw fit. I’m glad He has allowed me to do just that through poetry and donations.

What would you tell someone who wants to help end trafficking, but does not know how?

  1. Get deep in Bible Study so you draw closer to Jesus.
  2. Pray for the courage to act.
  3. Ask a lot of questions & be brave enough to hear those answers no matter how sickening.
  4. Read, study & practice Matthew 25:31-40 regularly
  5. Buy all Christmas gifts from the Elijah Rising Store!

I’ve asked God to give me an opportunity to serve with Elijah Rising in any capacity He saw fit. I’m glad He has allowed me to do just that through poetry and donations.

Taz, @stilpoetic, Spoken Word Poet

Partner with Elijah Rising

Support the mission to end sex trafficking by making a donation of $25 or more. Every dollar helps us reach women trapped in commercial sexual exploitation and supports 24/7 care for women recovering from trafficking.

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