Revival In The Home

For two years I have been obsessed with the history of revivals; moves of God that cause societal shifts that affect the world. Times of revival are often preceded by societal strife and global tension. We don’t have the time to go through the history of revivals in this blog. However, I do believe we...
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Pray From Faith Not Fear

The Fear We Are All Experiencing These past few weeks have been challenging for many, brutal for others, and downright devastating for some. The crisis causes emotions to come to the surface and catch us off guard.  Some people, such as myself, tend to ignore our emotions until they become unmanageable and overwhelming, screaming at...
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St. Patrick’s Day | Celebrating Overcomers of Trafficking

Written by: Adam Chaney Saint Patrick is one of the church’s most famous and well-known saints. Yet, there are many misconceptions about the man and the holiday that celebrates his life.  Sold Into Slavery Often, people think Saint Patrick was Irish, but he wasn’t. Patrick was born in Roman Britain, sometime around 389 A.D. At...
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